Forthcoming, October, 2012 from Ediciones Poligrafa: 

Enrique Martinez Celaya:  Working Methods.
Text by Mary Rakow.  Preface by Dimitri Ozerkov, Curator, The Hermitage. Introduction by Matthew Biro, Chair, Michigan University Department of Art History.

The Memory Room, a novel (Counterpoint Press, 2002).

“Looking for a Context for Enrique Martínez Celaya’s Work” works + conversations, No.9.

Catalogue essay for joint exhibition, “On Seeing: Works by Steve DeGroodt and David McDonald, ‘Their, They’re There.'” Cerritos College Museum of Art.

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“Music like this finds all my wounds,” Steve DeGroodt & Mary Rakow, 2003. (Text collaged paper with gold fabric veil). The Book of Lies Project, Vol. III, organized by Los Angeles Conceptual artists Eugenia Butler (1947-2008) containing 81 works by 78 artists. Tour Dates: Spring 2012 through Winter 2016.


Women on the Edge: Writing Los Angeles, edited by Sam Dunn and Julianne Ortale (The Toby Press, 2005).

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The Memory Room Taught as Literature

UCSan Diego Extension, “Trauma and Memory in Twentieth-Century Fiction. Discover five of the most powerful, insightful—and healing—masterpieces of 20th century fiction: Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Mary Rakow’s The Memory Room, Anne Michaels’s Fugitive Pieces, John L’Heureux’s The Shrine at Altamira, and Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker.