Rakow is a brilliant editor and an astute reader…. blessed with the gift of empathy so that when she turns her attention to a work in progress her recommendations reflect a deep and uncanny feel for one’s purposes and for the given work’s goals, even when those purposes and goals are apparently at odds with her own customary aesthetic.
–Peg Boyers, author of Hard Bread

Editing Creative Writing for Publication or Self-Publication

Creative writing always benefits from editing whether we are a new or established writer.  If workshops are top-level, much of this occurs there, or by working with a good instructor one-to-one. NO writer I know relies only on his or her own sight.  We are blind, regardless of our experience. Whether seeking traditional publication or self-publishing, whether for an international audience of for friends and family, our work can be made more beautiful, powerful and lasting by deep listening of a good editor. Editing means the work becomes more itself.  It means helping the work sing!

I edit full and partial manuscripts with a minimum of 100 pages.

I have 15 years experience in these forms: novel, memoir, short story, personal essay, mixed genre, romance, mystery and scholarly work. My deepest experience is with the novel, memoir and mixed-genre forms.

My fee is 4cents per word. I offer a 25% reduction (to 3cents per word) to first time clients and for writers who come to me through:

-Harvard Club San Francisco

-Mechanics’ Institute, San Francisco

-San Francisco Writers’ Conference

-Writing for Change Conference, San Francisco

-Or those writers who have studied with my writer friends who teach

I take one month to be with the text, returning a typed critique of 8-15 pages as well as thorough markings on every page of the manuscript. I consider both the surface of the work (each word, each sentence) and the developmental issues of theme, character, plot, sequence and so forth.

Testimonials from recent clients are available upon request.

Payment method is by check, staggered into 3 steps.

1) A $100 non-refundable deposit to secure that month.

2) A check for half of the balance sent with the manuscript as well as SASE.

3) A check for the remaining half sent to me upon receipt of the critique by the client.

Phone or in-person time can be arranged afterward if desired. The fee is $150 per hour.

Please note: I do not ghost write.

Email for availability, inquiries and submission guidelines.

And good luck on your writing project!!